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Learning To Accept My Absence Seizures Is A Lifelong Journey | She Rose

I’ve grown up subconsciously being told to ignore the presence of my epilepsy. The people I love want me to lead a normal life, but life isn’t normal. They rarely ask me about my health and tend to avoid the topic altogether. I think they’re afraid of what it means. So they treat me like everyone else. This can be a good thing and a very bad thing. Sometimes my life is normal, most of the time actually. I love baking brownies, playing on Sims, and having cups of tea with my sister. But there

How To Recover From Sexual Trauma In A Relationship | She Rose Revolution

At seventeen years old, I had two goals: They were very normal teenage aspirations, and it was all my friends and I talked about. After all, none of us looked like goblins; how come we hadn’t hit the jackpot yet? So when I met my ex-abuser, I willingly (and sometimes unwillingly) complied with every sexual act put upon me, not knowing the damage it was doing to my self-esteem. After three and a half years of abiding by his every need, I left and suddenly felt like I had been set free. I could

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